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Receipt of Local Authority Covid-19 Test and Trace Contain Outbreak Management Fund Level Surge Funding Grant from Cumbria County Council

Decision Maker: Chief Executive

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: No


Subject of decision:

The Department of Health and Social Care has allocated funds to local authorities for the purpose of mitigating against and managing local COVID-19 outbreaks. These funds are allocated to county/unitary councils. Such councils require support from district councils and allocate grants to the districts for such support. The Cumbria County Council has allocated the following grants to this Council:

Reference COMF 2 - £97,608
Reference COMF 3 - £160,685
Reference COMF 4 - £40,922

This decision records formal acceptance of that money in accordance with financial regulations.

Given the range of grant values different authorisations are required.

Financial regulation 7.11 requires the following persons to accept the grants on behalf of the Council:

From £20,000 to £75,000 – the Head of Paid Service in consultation with the Chief Finance Officer;
From £75,001 to £150,000 – the Head of Paid Service in consultation with the Chief Finance Officer and relevant Portfolio Holder (being the Portfolio Holder for Environment, Place and Inclusive Communities (to include environmental health and public protection);
From £150,001 to £250,000 – the Executive.

COMF2 and 4 are therefore delegated to the Head of Paid Service.

In respect of COMF3 as all the grants are based on the same conditions and for the same type of expenditure and to ensure no further delays are incurred in receiving the grants the Elected Mayor in accordance with section 9E(2) of the Local Government Act 2000 has agreed that the Head of Paid Service may make the decision to accept the grant provided that it is in consultation with the Chief Finance Officer and the Portfolio Holder stated above.

Financial regulation 7.11 requires certain matters to be considered prior to accepting a grant. These are:

(a) To ensure that the funds are only acquired to meet the priorities set out in the approved policy framework. The corporate strategy was approved by Council on the 15th December 2020. However, whilst it refers to COVID-19 in terms of supporting recovery from the pandemic, it does not deal with the tackling the immediate public health issues/risks arising from it. Nevertheless the strategy does refer to the enabling factor of partnership working and these grants support that.

(b) To ensure that any match-funding requirement are given due consideration prior to entering into long-term agreements and that future revenue budgets reflect these requirements. No match funding issues arise in this case.

(c) To ensure that a management fee is charged for the costs of administering such accountable bodies. Again, not applicable. These are grant being cascaded down from central government to deal with a pandemic.

(d) To ensure that any claw back conditions are considered prior to accepting the grant. The Council’s Solicitor advises that the grant agreement is acceptable. There are some claw back provisions but these are as expected – using the funding for other purposes, bribery, misleading information or non-compliance with terms and conditions – and are acceptable.

(e) To ensure that all funding notified by external bodies is received and properly recorded in the authority’s accounts. This will be complied with.

(f) To ensure that the level of external funding and the arrangements for the payment of the funding, together with any claw back conditions, does not present a risk to the Council’s own cash flow or financial or budget position. No such risk exists in this case.

Others consulted:

Section 151 Officer: This decision is consistent with the Financial Regulations as set out in this Decision Record.

Relevant portfolio holder (Councillor Andy Pratt for Environment, Place and Inclusive Communities (to include environmental health and public protection): Agrees.

From: Cllr Andy Pratt
Sent: 06 November 2021 11:32
To: Clinton Boyce
Cc: Mike Starkie
Subject: Re: Receipt of Covid-19 support grants from Cumbria County Council

Hi yes happy to support

The Elected Mayor, Mike Starkie: I authorise the Council’s Head of Paid Service to make the decision in respect of the COMF 3 grant on behalf of the Executive.

From: Mike Starkie
Sent: 05 November 2021 21:08
To: Clinton Boyce
Cc: Cllr Andy Pratt
Subject: Re: Receipt of Covid-19 support grants from Cumbria County Council

Yes confirm

Reason for Decision:

The grant supports the mitigation and management of the consequences of COVID-19.


To accept the grants as detailed within the 'Subject of Decision' section in accordance with financial regulation 7.11 to be used for the purpose of supporting the Cumbria County Council in mitigating against and managing local outbreaks of COVID-19.

Alternative options considered:


Publication date: 23/11/2021

Date of decision: 08/11/2021


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