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C 19/8

Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Jackie Bowman, Gemma Dinsdale, Linda Jones-Bulman, Ged McGrath, Peter Tyson and Carl Walmsley.

C 19/9

Minutes of the meeting held on 21 May 2019 pdf icon PDF 83 KB


RESOLVED – That the minutes of the meeting held on 21 May 2019 be signed by the Chair as a correct record.

C 19/10

Declarations of Interest in Agenda Items


Councillor Joan Hully declared a non-pecuniary interest in Agenda Item 8 (Executive Report) due to being a Cleator Moor Town Councillor and Agenda Item 4 (Chair’s Announcements) due to her son being in the Armed Forces.


C 19/11

Chair's Announcements


The Chair reminded Council that Saturday 29 June is Armed Forces Day and was proud to say that Copeland Council would again be flying the Armed Forces Flag at the Copeland Centre.


To reaffirm the commitment to a culture of mutual support between the members of the Armed Forces past and present and the Copeland community, Council had been asked to re-sign the Armed Forces and Community Covenant on the community’s behalf.


Cumbria County Council, the county’s district councils and community partners were also doing the same.


The Chair stated that it was her pleasure to sign the original covenant, alongside Councillor Geoff Garrity, in 2013.


Mayor Mike Starkie and the Armed Forces Champion, Councillor Allan Forster, were then invited to re-sign the document to re-affirm this commitment.


Following the signing, the Chair stated that a copy of the covenant would be circulated to all members.


C 19/12



It was noted that no petitions had been received from members of the public.


C 19/13

Questions from Members of the Public

To receive questions from members of the public.  Maximum time allowed 30 minutes.  Questions must be submitted to the Head of Governance and Commercial  at least three working days prior to the meeting.


The following question was asked by Mr Chris Reay: -


“As Mayor, I know that you will have many priorities for the improvement of the borough. However, can you tell me what is your number one priority to be achieved before the next council elections, i.e. within the next four years. Will you please make it known to the residents of the borough through the press, and, also keep everybody, not just councillors, up to date with progress.”


In response, the Mayor stated “My priority is to serve the people of Copeland and their best interests to the best of my ability for the entire four years I am in office. There are a number of priorities within that, not least working with all councillors across Copeland to support the most vulnerable in our community, which has always been a high priority from the day I first took office. To make sure we work hand in hand with all the volunteers and partners who provide the funding to deliver on some of these tremendous programmes that we’ve done in supporting the most vulnerable in our society.


There are a whole range of issues we will be looking at we will be looking to continue to attract investment, support entrepreneurs because that generates the wealth that support those in vulnerable positions so economic regeneration and our programme of growth within the borough prospers and be seen to be growing in all aspects.  All of this is drawn up in the Strategic Plan, which will be refined and developed as we go with the same core principles that have served us well for the last four years – this will be at the heart of what we do for the next four years.  What we will really be trying to do is raise ambitions of the people of Copeland and the Council.  It’s a time of huge opportunity and we will make sure we are doing everything in our power to seize those opportunities as they present themselves.”


In a supplementary question, Mr Chris Reay thanked the Mayor for his wide ranging ideas and for putting them forward.  He then asked that the Mayor tried to get them recognised by the press.


The Mayor said “I think it’s fair to say we get our fair share of publicity and I’m not shy in trying to promote the council and Copeland.”


C 19/14

Questions by Members

a)      Written questions to the Mayor or any other Member of the Council in relation to content of any recommendations or reports before the Council.  Questions must be submitted in writing to the Head or Governance and Commercial at least three working days prior to the meeting. (45 minutes allowed) – Procedure Rule 11.2.

b)      Oral questions to the Mayor on any matter where the Council has powers or duties or which affects the Borough.  (60 minutes allowed plus any unused time from (a) above) – Procedure Rule 11.1.


a) Written Questions


Councillor John Kane asked the following question to the Mayor: -


" Both Whitehaven and Copeland councils are working together for the betterment of our major town Whitehaven with many exciting, innovative projects planned. However the dramatic increase in what can only be described as undesirables congregating in the heart of the town centre is turning it into a no go area for residents and visitors alike. Could I please ask what plans the collective agencies are putting in place to combat this and return the heartbeat of our community back to the people.


In response, The Mayor stated:-

“I like many people have become increasingly concerned about the anti-social behaviour taking place in Whitehaven Town Centre and my office has received a number of complaints in respect of anti-social behaviours and these, where appropriate, have been passed on to the police. In an e-mail dated June 10th 2019 from the police it states:-

Cumbria Constabulary have been aware of issue with drug users / drinkers hanging around the bus stop on Lowther Street and St Nicholas’ Gardens amongst other complaints in the Town Centre relating to drug use and antisocial behaviour.  Whitehaven has been declared a priority location for both the police and our partners in the Copeland Local Focus Hub and we have been working hard to deal with the issues at hand across a multi-agency platform.  We are working closely with our partners to resolve some of those issues in the town centre.  The Neighbourhood Policing Team as a whole have been involved in obtaining 10 civil injunctions sought by Home Group to keep prolific offenders and drug users out of Town Centre properties. 


As a responsible council, we have played our part ensuring public space protection orders are now in place.  These will help provide the police with the enforceable powers they need to combat those perpetrators of anti-social behaviours.  I want the police to know they have my 100% support in the actions they are taking to ensure our streets parks and open spaces are free and are able to be enjoyed by everyone.  I want those that carry out these vile behaviours to understand that neither the police nor this Council will tolerate this kind of behaviour, not just in Whitehaven, but right across the borough.”


b) Oral Questions


Question from Councillor Andy Pratt:  “Could the Mayor update us where we are with the 5 year land supply work undertaken by Chris Hoban and when that document will be available?


In response the Chief Executive stated “The five year land supply issue is something that is continuously monitored, we are pulling together a position statement on that at the moment which will be published next month.”


Question from Councillor Charles Maudling:  In relation to the anti-social behaviour in Whitehaven, it is Copeland Homes that have housed these people initially and they need to look at their leasing policy.  Shoplifting is a major problem, Copeland Homes need to be  ...  view the full minutes text for item C 19/14

C 19/15

Mayor's Executive Report pdf icon PDF 632 KB


In asking the Mayor, Mike Starkie to introduce his Executive Report, Members were advised that questions would be taken at the end of each portfolio report. 


Questions were invited on the Mayor’s portfolio


Question from Councillor Joan Hully:  Regarding the public realm work which is progressing with outline schemes agreed in Whitehaven, Cleator Moor, Millom and Egremont the Mayor was asked when this was agreed by Cleator Moor Town Council?


The Mayor confirmed this was in April/May 2019 and undertook to provide Councillor Hully with the date in writing.


Questions on Councillor David Moore’s portfolio were invited.


Question from Councillor Sam Meteer: With regard to GDF and Council’s position.

Have we received any response from Government regarding long-term storage and what remedial works will be carried out?  The storage facilities will not last until 2040.


Councillor David Moore replied: We have had nothing from Government; we have had discussions with Sellafield Ltd with regard to time zone stores.  We are well aware they may need to extend the time of some of the storage facilities of the buildings and that will have to come forward.  GDF is still listed for 2040.  That is the Government position. 

We have a presentation to all Members shortly from RWM – they will be better placed to answer questions on behalf of the Government.

Councillor Moore undertook to chase the Government for a reply.


Question from Councillor John Kane:  Regarding the NDA Socio Economic Policy – it does not give a timeframe and how long that policy is for. We need a bit more meat on it.  I understand there was a meeting on 11th June – was there any more information on that?


In response Councillor David Moore stated:  This was part of the consultation.  NDA is currently consulting on it nationwide.  We have articulated our position, they are still developing their strategy.


In a supplementary question Councillor John Kane stated:  We are 70% of NDA estate.  We do not get the treatment we deserve and that warrants 70% of the estate.


Responding, Councillor Moore said:  the others think they are badly done to when they see the percentage of funding that is spent here in this area,  some sites receive very little funding. When the strategy comes out, I’m sure it will be reflected.


Question from Councillor Fee Wilson:  Progress on plutonium consolidation, storage and disposition.  Any further details on this position


In response Councillor David Moore stated:  “The position on plutonium is not clear.  Government has not defined its position whether it’s a waste or a fuel.  We have been clear in West Cumbria that we believe it’s a fuel. And suggested a letter from the Mayor and MP be sent to pressurise Government to make clear decisions.”


Question Cllr Dave Banks:  A lot of plutonium at Sellafield is Military Plutonium. Every time we have asked to discuss what is going to happen to that plutonium we get silence. Two meeting have been arranged with the MoD and they  ...  view the full minutes text for item C 19/15

C 19/16

Social Inclusion Policy pdf icon PDF 64 KB

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to report revising the Social Inclusion Policy. A revised policy was attached which included a revised social inclusion programme.


Mayor Mike Starkie moved the report, which was seconded by Councillor David Moore.


Councillor Dave Banks declared an Interest due to being a Director of Phoenix Enterprise Centre and having a daughter employed by Calderwood House.



a)      The revised Social Inclusion Policy be approved, and

b)      The 2019/2020 Social Inclusion Programme be noted.


C 19/17

Annual Scrutiny Report pdf icon PDF 974 KB


Consideration was given to the Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report 2018-2019.


Councillor Fee Wilson highlighted the work completed by a number of Task and Finish Groups and by Councillors who are no longer on the Council. It was stated that Task and Finish Groups are open to all Councillors, not just those on Overview and Scrutiny and encouraged all Councillors to get involved.


Councillor Fee Wilson moved the report, which was seconded by Councillor Brian O’Kane.


RESOLVED: that the Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report 2018-2019 be noted.


C 19/18

Constitution Changes relating to Planning pdf icon PDF 365 KB

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to a report proposing changes to the Council’s Constitution relating to Planning.


Councillor David Moore moved the report, which was seconded by Mayor Mike Starkie.


Councillor Graham Calvin asked why a process that works was being changed.


Councillor David Moore replied that it was about legalities and defending appeals.  Making sure decisions are sound legally and bringing Copeland back into line with other neighbouring local councils.


The Chief Executive, supported by the Solicitor, then provided Council with a summary of the proposed changes and the reasons why those proposed changes were being put forward, which was to protect the Planning process.


During consideration of this item Members felt that this should be looked at by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


It was moved by Councillor Andy Pratt by way of an amendment duly seconded and on a show of hands


RESOLVED – That the Overview and Scrutiny Committee be asked to look at the proposed changes to the Council Constitution Relating to Planning and report back to Council.


C 19/19

2019/2020 Capital Programme update pdf icon PDF 417 KB


Consideration was given to the 2019/2020 Capital Programme Update Report.


Mayor Mike Starkie moved the report, which was seconded by Councillor David Moore.


Councillor Tom Higgins asked for clarification regarding the ‘borrowing the Council has already taken out’, what and when?


The Chief Finance Officer replied that borrowing of £5M was taken out in 2002 that has not been utilised. It is proposed to use £950,000 of that.


RESOLVED: that changes to the 2019/2020 Capital Programme giving a revised budget of £8.961m as set out in the agenda report be agreed.


C 19/20

The Gambling Act 2005 - Statement of Licensing Policy pdf icon PDF 66 KB

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to the Gambling Act 2005 – Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy.


Councillor Andy Pratt as Chair of Licensing Committee moved the report, which was seconded by Councillor Dave Banks.


Councillor Sam Meteer requested that a separate map for Thornhill be included.


Councillor Hugh Branney expressed his pleasure that the report included ‘vulnerable young adults’.


Councillor John Kane stated that there was no evidence of consultation with voluntary organisations or training given to staff of betting companies. 


Councillor Andy Pratt replied that a full list of consultees was included in the report and undertook to take the policy back to the Licensing Committee to include any organisation missed in future consultations.


Councillor Doug Wilson asked if the Overview and Scrutiny Committee could form a working party to look at provisions and safeguarding.


In reply the Solicitor advised Council that by law, licensing is reserved for the Licensing Committee and only they can deal with this matter. Councillor Pratt indicated that the Licensing Committee would consider the request.


Councillor Joan Hully declared an interest at this point due to helping with a vulnerable group.


RESOLVED: that the revised Gambling Act 2005 – Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy be approved and adopted.



It was then moved by Councillor Joan Hully duly seconded and agreed that a 10 minute adjournment take place and the meeting stood ADJOURNED.


(Note: Councillor Jeffrey Hailes left the meeting.)




C 19/21

Local Government Ethical Standards pdf icon PDF 50 KB

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to a report updating Council on Local Government Ethical Standards.


Councillor David Moore moved the report, which was seconded by Councillor Steven Morgan.


Councillors Joan Hully and Graham Calvin advised Council that they had attended a Standards training event in Carlisle on 24 June 2019 which they considered was excellent and recommended that all Councillors should attend.


Council thanked the officers for all the training sessions that had been arranged since the election.


The Chief Executive thanked Members for their feedback and agreed to look into the possibility of arranging further training sessions regarding Standards.




a)      The report be noted, and

b)      The Monitoring Officer consider the list of best practice recommendations and discuss with the Cumbrian Monitoring Officers Group and CALC any potential revisions to the existing code of conduct and/or guidance to take account of these recommendations and report back to the Standards and Ethics Committee.

C 19/22

Beacon Commercial Funding Arrangements pdf icon PDF 87 KB


Consideration was given to a report regarding the Beacon Museum Commercial Funding Arrangements.


Councillor Gwynneth Everett moved the report, which was seconded by Councillor Steven Morgan.


Councillor Hugh Branney commented that The Beacon was a wonderful advert for the Council and blockbuster exhibitions also bring in huge benefits to the local economy.




a)                  The update on the Beacon Museum and its plans for 2019/20 be noted, and

b)                  It be agreed to receive and spend an annual grant of not more than £325,000 for the next five years as complementary to the commercial lease and agreed for the Sellafield Story under delegation to the Council’s lawyer.


C 19/23

Exclusion of Press and Public


RESOLVED – That the press and public be excluded for the remaining item items of business in view of likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraphs 1, 2, 3 and 4 of part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).


Note: Julie Betteridge (Executive Director Operations) and Steven Brown (Chief Finance Officer) left the meeting.

C 19/24

Restructuring of Senior Management


Consideration was given to a report introduced by the Chief Executive regarding the Re-organisation of the Corporate Leadership Team (CLT).


Mayor Mike Starkie moved the report, which was seconded by Councillor David Moore.




a)      the Re-organisation of the Corporate Leadership Team report be supported and recommended to Full Council,


b)      the Head of Paid Service be delegated to make (a) any required amendments to the Job Descriptions of newly created posts and (b) in consultation with the Chair of the Standards and Ethics Committee, amendments required to the Council’s Constitution to reflect the reallocation of responsibilities (in accordance with the revised structure) and name changes,


c)      the designation of the statutory roles of Section 151 Officer and Monitoring Officer to the Director of Financial Resources and the Director of Corporate Services and Commercial Strategy respectively be agreed, and


d)      following the 14 day consultation period referred to in paragraph 1.7 of the agenda report that CLT review the responses in accordance with the Council’s Managing Changing Policies and that if no substantial comments have been received that final agreement to the proposals be made by the Head of Paid Service with the agreement of the Chair of the Personnel Panel; that if substantial comments are made that the matter be considered by the Personnel Panel.




In public

C 19/25

Date and Time of the Next Meeting

The next meeting of Council will be held on Monday 9th September 2019 at 6.00pm in Millom (Venue to be confirmed).


It was noted that the next meeting of Council would be held at 6:00pm on Monday 9th September 2019 at the Millom Palladium, St George’s Road, Millom.


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