Meeting attendance

Friday, 20th August, 2021 3.30 pm, Local Development Framework Panel

Venue:   The Atrium, The Copeland Centre, Catherine Street, Whitehaven. CA28 7SJ

Contact:    Clive Willoughby
Tel: 07385 362806

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Carl Walmsley Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Graham Minshaw Deputy Chair Present
Councillor James Date Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Jeanette Forster Committee Member Present
Councillor Joseph Ghayouba Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Michael McVeigh Committee Member Present
Councillor Andy Pratt Committee Member Present
Chris Hoban Officer In attendance
Leanne Parr Officer In attendance
Ellie Church Officer In attendance
Clive Willoughby Officer In attendance
Rose Blaney Officer Expected


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